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🌿Welcome to Southern Sage!🌿

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Southern Sage is located in Denton, North Carolina. This area is surrounded by beautiful mountains, lakes, and countryside. Many love it here for it’s simpler, slower pace lifestyle. It’s so quiet that when you wake to the birds singing it’s often compared to “what heaven would be like”. While enjoying the feeling of “getting away” we are close to the NC Zoo (the largest natural habitat zoo in the world). Thomasville, High Rock Lake, Badin Lake, 30 Greensboro, High Point (the furniture capital of the world), Seagrove (the pottery capital of the world) and just a short drive from Raleigh or Charlotte.

Southern Sage gives couples the opportunity to book an all inclusive wedding, shower and honeymoon experience without breaking the bank! We offer anything from elopement packages and/or micro-weddings, to full weekend wedding festivities!

This year we are offering mini retreats as well as immersion retreats that center around becoming the best version of yourself. These retreats include: Silent, Femininity, Clean Eating and Yoga, Confidence Building and Self Love well as Couple’s! These retreats vary from 2-3 days and are available currently for individuals or groups of up to 6 to stay in the farmhouse. We also have places for tents or campers and glampers that are equipped to boon-dock!

At Southern Sage whether you are looking to book a day retreat or weekend getaway, learn to meditate, take a yoga class, relax with a reiki session, get a customized nutrition plan, have a picnic by the pond, take a painting class, get a makeover, start your weight loss transformation, enjoy a hike in nature, or simply disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself. We are sure that you will have an wonderful experience that you will reflect on for many years to come!

Also consider Southern Sage for your next corporate getaway, family reunion, shower, wedding, birthday party, photo shoot, graduation celebration, and any other event worth celebrating. Contact us today to learn more!

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